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Sea Glass Pebbles With Sky Blue Mosaic

$43.00 $57.00

Transform Your Hydria Water Feature into a Coastal Haven

Bring the calming essence of the ocean to your home with our Sea Glass Pebbles Fountain Head, now paired with the stunning Sky Blue Mosaic. This unique combination blends the serenity of seaside glass with the elegance of hand-crafted mosaic, turning your Hydria (sold separately) into a mesmerizing centerpiece.

Product Details:

  • Sea Glass Pebbles:

    • A stack of smooth, translucent sea glass pebbles, artistically shaped and shaded to capture the soothing hues of coastal waters.
  • Sky Blue Mosaic:

    • Hand-crafted mosaic pieces in vibrant sky blue, creating a beautiful, reflective surface that enhances the visual appeal of your water feature.
    • Designed to complement the sea glass pebbles, adding a layer of sophistication and charm.


  • Durable and Weather-Resistant: Every piece is designed to withstand the weather, ensuring long-lasting beauty.
  • Easy Installation: Effortless to install with our straightforward push-fit system.
  • Eco-Friendly Packaging: Securely packed with environmentally-friendly wood wool, ensuring its safe arrival for your immediate enjoyment.

Infuse your personal haven with the tranquility of a seaside escape through the Sea Glass Pebbles Fountain Head and Sky Blue Mosaic. Each pour of water over the glossy surface of the sea glass and the reflective blue mosaic promises to bring the calm and beauty of a beach holiday into your space. Transform any pot into a water feature and enjoy the peaceful ambiance of coastal waters right in your home or garden.