reconnect with nature with hydria

relax and listen

Flowing water sounds can provide numerous health benefits for spiritual and mental wellness. Psychological studies have shown that the sound of water can have a positive impact both physically and spiritually. Click the video below to hear the relaxing sprinkle of hydria

hydria helps aid
restful sleep

A natural white noise to sooth

beautifully calming
and naturally soothing.

meditation | relaxation | mindfulness | wellbeing

bring natural beauty
into your life.

enhance the natural beauty around you
encourage wildlife

Bring more life into your garden with hydria. A water feature will encourage birds, insects and creatures to your garden space so you can enjoy nature close up. Create a little oasis for the garden insects and help them thrive.

reconnect with nature
biophilic design

In recent years architects and designers have started to focus their attention on reconnecting people to nature within their homes and public spaces.

This is known as Biophilic design. Its name comes from the Biophilia theory that says humans need to be strongly connected to nature and all its lifeforms to be happier, healthier, and more productive.

hydria is an opportunity to do just that, to bring in a waterfall and feature it in your home and garden. Have the sound of natural water reconnect you and improve your mental well-being.

and breath
A natural air purifier

When used indoors hydria will improve the air in your home. The continuous movement of water traps dust particles floating in the air which are then removed with the built-in filter.