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By Lorraine Lewis

Loraine Lewis is a feng shui consultant and teacher with over thirty years experience. She works with individuals, families and business both on line and on site, advising how to create positive places to support their lives, design spaces from which they can thrive, evolve, and progress. 

Moving Water For Wealth, Health, and Wellbeing

As a feng shui consultant, I was so excited to learn about the Hydria Fountain. This simple but clever device is a complete game changer for someone who understands the powerful effect of moving water in the environment. Correctly located, your Hydria will influence positive changes to anyone using the space.

Among other things, moving water can invite fresh energy, stimulate cash flow, increase creativity and work rate, and even help you to find a new job! 

In order to have a water feature of any kind in the past, my clients have had to install water pipes or power, or both, to the prescribed location. They could perhaps opt for a solar charged battery, but not particularly reliable given our UK weather. Now, this beautiful rechargeable water feature can be placed anywhere at all, inside or out!

But why am I so excited about this, and why is placement so important? 

The environment and atmosphere of the places in which we live and work have great influence on our physical and emotional well being - and subsequently on our lives.

Feng shui is a term used to describe the effect of places (and things) on people. Known also as the ancient Chinese art of placement, this practice is concerned with the auspicious location and design of our spaces, and the placement of the objects within them. The idea is that when space is balanced, and objects correctly placed, the lives and luck of the occupants of the buildings will prosper. The purpose of feng shui is to create optimum conditions for the best possible quality of life.

Feng shui is not magic, but sometimes feels like it! 

So how can the Hydria fountain help, and what do you get in the box?

This is not just a fancy pump. Yes there’s a quality pump and charger, (with a remote control. no less) but also the enclosed kit gives you the opportunity to easily create a feature that suits your and your space perfectly.

Choose your bowl or planter, and decorate the fountain surround in your own style. You can use pebbles, plants, shells, stones, marbles, mosaic… anything that takes your fancy. How high would you like your fountain flow to be? Included are several attachments which create different shapes and heights of water flow - my personal favourite is a gentle bubble effect, which allows water to gurgle through and around the natural crystals in my bowl.

The placement of any water feature is important. You will want this creation to be easily seen and heard, but wouldn’t it be great if you could locate it in a particular spot that will stimulate positive energy to your life? 

Feng shui will help you locate exactly the right placement for your Hydria.

First, we discover what is important in your life right now, then we check what currently occupies the corresponding area in your home, garden or workspace. Having worked with countless clients over three decades, the most popular aspects that benefit from moving water are related to money or finances (whether that is to do with income or cash flow), and also when people want to making changes to a life direction, attract new opportunities or looking for a move of some kind.

You can find out more about the ideal location for your new Hydria fountain by visiting my dedicated ‘moving water’ website page. Or book one of my complimentary discovery calls to find out more about how feng shui can benefit you. 

Interested in correctly locating your Hydria with my help?

Here’s your chance. The first three people who buy hydria and use the code placemyhydria at the checkout will receive a free, 45 minute one to one on line mini feng shui consultation with me.

Together we will select the best location for their Hydria relating to their particular situation, either inside their home or workspace, balcony or garden. Who knew that having a water feature could be so beneficial! 

If you would like to discover more about water placement in your home, click HERE