Hydria Hanging Basket Bundle

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Introducing the Hydria Hanging Basket Bundle, a beautifully curated collection that transforms any space into a serene retreat. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor settings, this bundle features our signature Hydria Water Feature Kit, an elegant hanging basket, exquisite Jade Mosaic, and tranquil Sea Glass Pebbles. Experience the soothing ambiance of cascading water combined with stylish aesthetics, all in one package.

What's Included in the Bundle:

  • Hydria Water Feature Kit: Revolutionize your space with our easy-to-install water feature, cordless and rechargeable for maximum convenience and minimal setup.
  • Hanging Basket: Specially chosen to complement the water feature, this basket allows for elevated display, enhancing the visual appeal and saving space.
  • Jade Mosaic: Add a touch of luxury with our decorative Jade Mosaic tiles, perfect for enriching the water basin with a splash of color and sophistication.
  • Sea Glass Pebbles Fountainhead: Complete your water feature with these beautifully polished pebbles that not only look stunning but also enhance the soothing sound of the water flow.

Key Features:

  • Indoor/Outdoor Versatility: Whether enhancing your living room or beautifying your patio, this bundle is designed to suit any environment.
  • Sustainable Design: Embrace eco-friendly living with our products crafted from recycled materials, ensuring durability and environmental responsibility.
  • Remote Control Operated: Adjust the flow, set the timer, and change the LED colors all with the convenience of a remote control.
  • Extended Run Time: Enjoy the tranquil sounds of water for over 155 hours on a single charge, with easy recharging when needed.

Say goodbye to the hassle of garden design and hello to instant tranquility with the Hydria Hanging Basket Bundle. Whether it's a peaceful afternoon under the shade or a cozy evening with soft lights, create your perfect oasis with ease. Discover "One Fountain, One Thousand Possibilities" with this exquisite addition to your home or garden.