get creative with hydria

get creative with hydria

With imagination comes inspiration

Unleash your creative side

The versatility of hydria lets you create your own amazing water feature and change its look whenever you want. Express your individual style and enhance your creation with pebbles, glass beads and other unique accents.

firstly pick your pot

Tall and elegant

Rustic and Textured

Golden and Glamorous

modern and tall

Simple and small

Bold and inspiring

Revive and repurpose

Hydria gives you limitless potential to upcyle and transform any type of pot or container into an attractive and eye-catching water feature.

Some of these beautiful examples have been created by YOU, our lovely customers!

Blue mosaic stones with a stacked pebble surround gives a natural tone with a modern twist!

High contrast stones with a stunning sculpture on top create a lovely display

Succulents utilise the space around the mosaic feature and add nature to the fountain

Fun and bold colours embrace the summer time!

Elegant coloured mosaic stones complete this beautiful modern feature

Smooth stones complement the black planter and the cascade fountain head

don't have a pot at home?

Don't worry, why not try one of our eco-friendly, sustainable Capi Planters?

Anytime, anyplace, anywhere

Anytime, anyplace, anywhere

Simply place your hydria where you want it, and move it around when you wish!