Welcome to hydria support

Welcome to hydria support

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How to set-up, use and care for your hydria

Setting up your hydria

Setting up and getting the most out of your hydria.

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Caring for your hydria

A step be step guide on how to care for your hydria.

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Troubleshooting, shipping and returns


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Hydria Warranty

Information on your hydria warranty

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Shipping and Returns

Information and policies

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General Information

What can I do with the packaging?

Here at hydria we are doing everything we can to reduce waste in our products and packaging. Where possible our packaging is made from recycled material and our outer boxes are made from high quality cardboard ready to be repurposed for a longer useful life, when the time comes these are recyclable too. Our products are made from durable ABS plastic and designed to last, please contact us via our website to find out more about maintenance to ensure your hydria product lasts for years to come.

Will there be more hydria add-ons soon?

Yes! We are working on some amazing products now and will be launching them soon - sign up to our newsletter for the latest updates.

Can I buy decorative stones and pots from hydria?

Yes! A wide range of accessories are available, from fountainheads to mosaics to planters - everything you need for a complete Hydria setup! Sign up to our newsletter for the latest updates and discounts. For great creative ideas on how to decorate your hydria check out our Creative, Facebook and Instagram pages and subscribe to our newsletter in the foot of this page.

My Capi Planter fills with water in rainy weather

If you wish to use these pots outdoors, you will need to drill drainage
holes yourself. We recommend drilling at least three 10mm holes for
optimal water flow.

Working with us

Do you offer work experience?

If you would like to know more about upcoming opportunities at hydria then please message our team 

Are you an Influencer who would like to work with us?

Message our team 

Are you an affiliate or would like to work with us?

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Are you a distributor who would like to work with us?

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Do you have any product ideas for us?

The best ideas come from our customers. If you have one please message our team 

Discounts & payment

Do you offer a student/military/nhs discount?

Yes. Please contact us with proof of occupation at or contact us here.

What forms of payment do you accept?

All our payment options are displayed at check out.