Hydria Cordless Water Feature Kit

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Relax with the sound of cascading water

  • Pre-charged so you can use hydria out of the box
  • Amazing battery life – up to two months use single charge
  • Gorgeous light effects for the evening
  • Convenient remote control
  • Accessorise with our fabulous range of add-ons
  • Just as happy outside or inside
  • Fits any planter 30cm or wider
  • Planter and accessories sold separately

Additional Features & Benefits

• Arrives pre-charged and ready to use.

• Maximum run time per charge is 150 hours or 75 days using the 2 hour daily timer.

• Select a planter with an internal rim diameter 30cm or more and a depth of 15cm or more.

• Fill with any practical medium (pebbles, soil, perlite, sand etc.), plant your hydria, decorate and enjoy!

• Three power settings, light settings, and timer settings (1,2 & 3hr)

• Remote Controlled

• Always bring indoors for the winter – frost will damage hydria batteries.


Winner of the prestigious Glee New Product Award, Hydria is the latest in garden tech. This British designed and engineered product harnesses the latest in battery technology to deliver a simply astounding two months run time between charges. Assembled in minutes in any planter wider than 30 cm this remote-controlled water feature with lights will bring the relaxing sound of cascading water to your home, garden or balcony and when you want to change your water feature’s look all you need to do is pick another planter and swap in the Hydria!
Comes with a gift box - cascade and sprinkler fountainheads - display plate - water pool - rechargeable water pump - instructions.


• Choice of sprinkler and cascade fountain heads

• Colour: Neutral

• Power Source: Rechargeable Battery

• Power Voltage Supply: 7.4V

• Light Technology: LED

• Light Colour: RGB

• Volume: 5000ml

• Time to Charge: 8 Hours

• Run-Time: 150 Hours

• Year Released: 2022

• Remote Control: Yes

• Warranty/Guarantee: 1 Year

• Accreditations: CE, FCC, ROHS, UKCA, CE-LDV

The Award-Winning All-In-One Water Feature Kit That Fits In A Pot.


Select a pot and fill with any suitable material (sand, soil, woodchip etc).


Plant your Hydria™ in any pot measuring 30cm or more in diameter


Fill with water. Decorate your way. Switch on. Sit back and enjoy!


With Hydria™, you don’t need a garden to enjoy a water feature!


No wires, solar panels or plumbing required. Just find your perfect spot.

Incredible run-time

Re-chargeable with 150-hour run time between charges.

This kit contains everything

Inside each stylish box, you’ll find everything you need to set up, charge and maintain your fountain. The kit includes the water pool, display plate, rechargeable pump, cascade and sprinkler fountain heads, charger and remote control.

No wires. No plumbing

‘Plant’ a beautiful water feature in minutes. Hydria’s ingenious patented technology allows you to turn any pot into a fountain in just a few easy steps.

All-In-One Kit

Turn any pot into a fountain in minutes

Choice of lighting

Soothing LEDs to match your mood: This fountain adds atmosphere with calming red, green and blue LED light modes. Just pick the colour that best reflects your mood and relax, day or night!

Calming and relaxing

Hydria™ turns your chosen space into an oasis of calm. The water feature can be changed up by using the different nozzles, accessories, and light functions, to create different sounds and moods from a soothing trickle to a vibrant fountain.

New Product of the Year Winner Glee 2022

Glee 2022/23 Winner

Hydria™ is the latest in garden tech, and won the prestigious Glee New Product Award 2022. This British designed and engineered product harnesses the latest in battery technology to deliver a simply astounding two months run time between charges.

Style your fountain any way you choose, using stones, pebbles, and the available add-ons from Hydria™, including the mindfulness pebbles and cute animal friends.