The hydria story

Find out more about Hydria and the team behind it.

Hydria is the product of over three years research, product development and testing resulting in a truly unique and practical solution that allows you to easily create a beautiful cascading water feature for your home and garden.

The idea behind hydria came after my wife and I made a surprisingly fruitless search for a water feature at a local garden centre. We were looking for something tasteful which we could set up easily and quickly but what we found was a limited selection of rather unoriginal resin water features powered by either cable supplied mains power or solar panels.

Cables required the expensive installation of outdoor power sockets, hiding the unsightly cable and restricting where we could put the feature. Solar on the other hand only worked in direct sunlight which frustratingly meant that the feature would not work in shadow or in the evening.

Inspired by this we set about conceiving a water feature that was easy to use, original, versatile and of course reliable and we established the following parameters;

1. Easy to use meant that you could set it up in under ten minutes.

2. Originality meant being able to create and re-create your own style of water feature as often as you wished.

3. Versatility meant that it had to be able to be usable anywhere, indoors or outdoors, day or night and to be moved or changed with ease.

4. Reliability meant that it had to work when you wanted it to work.

The solution to all these challenges came through the concept of creating a battery powered water fountain kit that could be planted in a container. Simple right? Not so. The idea of creating a kit with a self-contained reservoir was a moment of true inspiration, and with that came ease of use, originality and versatility but the perspiration came with working out how to deliver an exceptional battery run time that would deliver the reliability we wanted.

Fortunately, we were able to call one of the leading experts in EV development to design a revolutionary battery and power management system, that delivers outstanding performance. Three years, dozens of design iterations, hundreds of prototypes, thousands of hours of testing and frightening amounts of investment in patents and design rights and hydria was born! We hope you like it.

Our technology

We work with cutting edge battery and power management technology to ensure that hydria delivers unrivalled energy efficiency. We also work with a dedicated group of users to ensure that our products are always customer-led.

meet the team

He is our founder at hydria and brings us all together! He ensures this product is the best it can be!

She is our Product Designer. She is also a new mum! She designs the component parts, all the packaging and keeps us green. She also loves photography and getting crafty so has really enjoyed making our insta posts! 

He is our genius Electronics Engineer. He designs the technical bit and ensures our quality control is 100%. Paul is amazing at prototyping and 3D prints all our designs for testing.

He is our amazing Content Manager. He creates our amazing videos and website content. He lives off grid in South Africa.

He is our incredible marketing guru and in between his out reach community work finds time to spread the good news about our product far and wide. 

He is our researcher and lives in Oz. In between celebrating cricket wins over us Alex finds time to research new product ideas and technologies for us.

Our values

  • We aim to design products that help make people’s living spaces a little nicer, a little bit more personal and a little bit more fun.
  • We always work closely with our users to make sure our products meet expectations and we work hard to listen to their ideas and reflect them in our products.
  • We only work with partners who have passed social audits and we always use recycled materials where possible

  • We always design eco-settings into our products to ensure that users can minimise energy usage where possible.

  • We try our best to listen to and respect equally all the people we work with both inside and outside our organisation.

    ..and we definitely try to enjoy what we do!