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Hydria fountain kit review from The Growing Family Blog

Growing Family

"With a traditional outdoor water feature, you don’t really get the benefit in the colder months of the year when you’re not spending much time outdoors, but hydria allows you to enjoy a water feature all year round.  I like the idea of having it indoors over winter, then moving it to the patio for the warmer months."

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Autumn's Mummy Christmas Gift Guide

Autumn's Mummy

Autumn's Mummy has released a lovely Christmas Gift Guide, and we are so pleased to see hydria featured at the top. Click the link below to read the full guide!

"I was delighted to find out that there are also collectable Christmas fountainheads. So now, I’ve even been able to include my fountain in my Christmas decorating with my festive Christmas snowman."

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The Blackberry Garden reviews Hydria

The Blackberry Garden

"The kits says it takes 10 minutes to set up.  To set up the actual fountain and get it working took me around five minutes, it is that easy. ...Not only can I see the fountain from my kitchen window, the remote control works through the kitchen window.  This means I can choose what it looks like and switch it on and off without having to go outside."

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"I used an old terracotta pot I had in the shed but you could use any upcycled container you have laying around to make a beautiful water fountain. It makes such a relaxing addition to our garden!"

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"Why not place yours in the bathroom to have on while relaxing in your bath tub amongst some essential oils and listen to the trickling sound of water while reading your fave book?"

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"It comes with different fountain heads, LED lights and cleaning tools… not to mention it can be placed in any pot you choose! Look how easy it is to put it all together!"

HIT Reel with over 1.4 Million plays!

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"I find the sound of water so soothing so my @hydria_fountain is getting plenty of use when I just want to relax & switch off... Mine will be going outside come Spring but for now I'm making great use of it indoors 🤎"

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"@hydria_fountain have created actual garden genius - a fountain that doesn’t need a water source or solar power or electricity... It’s actual bliss, it looks so pretty in my rustic Dolly tub from @sarahravensgarden and it sounds soo relaxing"

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"I loveeee the sound of trickling water, it’s so serine and peaceful. The hydria fountain means I can have a beautiful water feature without using electricity or relying on solar. Just charge, ‘plant’ and play."

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"Had a lovely chilled evening last night sat in the garden enjoying my new @hydria_fountain so soothing and relaxing looks fab at night too!"

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"...Now the temperature is dropping, It’s time to bring the Smart Fountain indoors and as there are no solar power or cables, it looks fantastic in any room of the house."

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"Relax and leave worries far away 🤍... there's nothing better the sitting and relaxing by the hydria water fountain."

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"You can tie this beautifully into your decor like I have depending on your aesthetic. Meaning if you redecorate, your water fountain can be redecorated with you 💧"

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"I still can’t get enough of our HYDRIA FOUNTAIN 💦 from @hydria_fountain - you really do need to check it out."

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"Time To Bring Your Smart Fountain indoors... Take a look at how easy it is to set up and change your figurine for that desired look."

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"...So Smart it's not powered by electric or solar and fully portable and remote controlled, so you can use it inside! I cant wait to see the new figurines."

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"Watch the Hydria come to life at night ✨. It comes with built in LED lighting in a choice of colour - Red, Blue & Green. My fave is blue 🥰"

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"A water feature that takes 5 minutes to build!... The best bit is that you can customise it to suit your style"

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Rated an 'Excellent' 4.6

We're thrilled to announce our certified 'Excellent' rating on consumer review website Trustpilot, where we have been awarded a Trustscore of 4.6

People love us. Proud to be rated 'Excellent' on Trustpilot

Reviewed by Daily Mirror columnist Saira Khan!

"I am a huge advocate of mindful living and have found so much joy in taking time out in my day to have that “me time” which allows me to relax, gather my thoughts, connect with my feelings and reflect. I often sit in my garden or office, with a cuppa in my hand and tune into nature the birds, wind and now the trickles of my gorgeous @hydria_fountain Water Feature which has bought so much joy."

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Reviewed by Bunny Guinness

Reviewed by the Telegraph's gardening correspondent and 6x winner of Chelsea Flower Show Bunny Guinness.

Jenny Itzcovitz - Sixtyplusurfers

"I am really enjoying the feeling of wellbeing and the joy the hydria™ feature brings, it makes a lovely addition to your home.

I would highly recommend it to bring a relaxing holiday feel into your home and garden. And I look forward to adding more features to it as time goes by."

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Bunny Guinness

Reviewed by the Telegraph's gardening correspondent and 6x winner of Chelsea Flower Show Bunny Guinness.

Bunny shows you how...

World's first water feature with rechargeable battery, that anyone can install in minutes

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