How to care for your hydria

Information and FAQs on how to care for your hydria fountain

What is included in the cleaning kit?

Your hydria cleaning kit includes a cleaning cloth, a brush, a spare filter and a drawstring bag to store cleaning tools.

How Often Should I Clean My Fountain?

Clean your hydria, including the water pump, at least once every month. To clean, drain your water pool and scrub the water pool and decorative tray thoroughly with warm water and mild detergent.

How to clean the pump

In addition, follow our video to remove the housing of your water pump to clean the inside using the supplied brush and remove any algae or mineral deposits. Rinse your fountain thoroughly until no soap bubbles remain. Don’t forget to run on high without your fountain head attached to remove any air bubbles prior to use.

How to care for your hydria FAQs

Unless you glue down your decorations some disruption is likely although Hydria is designed so any decorations you have placed on the display plate do not need to be removed to access the fountain pump inside. Simply use the finger grip holes around the edge to gently lift off the plate and place on a flat surface whilst you clean the bowl and the hydria smart fountain inside.

Evaporation due to warm weather or water escaping due to choice of fountain head in windy conditions may mean that you need to occasionally refill your hydria.

Carefully pour clean fresh water through the aperture in the centre of the decorative plate and fill to the level of the decorative plate.

Usually this is because your water (pressure) level has dropped and is a sign that you need to top up your water.

Always store in a dry place indoors. We have provided a small velcro patch to help keep the remote in one place! Stick the velcro patch somewhere you won’t forget it.

No. Avoid exposure to water and ensure your hands are dry before using it. Please use the provided waterproof case for the remote at all times.

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