How to set-up your hydria

Information and FAQs on how to set-up your hydria fountain

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How do I use my hydria?

hydria set-up FAQs

Your hydria kit comes with 2 types of fountain head (sprinkler and cascade) and 2 extra tubes for changing the height. We recommend using the cascade head for interior use or where you have windy conditions to avoid water spraying outside the water pool. In all cases adjust the flow rate to keep water from spraying outside your water pool. 

For great creative ideas on how to decorate your hydria check out our Creative, Facebook and Instagram pages.

Do not plant on the decorative plate because detritus may damage the water pump.

Please make sure that the pebbles or beads you use are not so small they fall through the decorative plate. Avoid using materials that are likely to erode under the water flow and create detritus that will damage the water pump. 

Hydria fits in any pot that has a minimum internal measurements of 30cm (12”) width and 15cm (6”) height. But don’t worry if your pot is much larger.

No. hydria has its own water pool and you can plant this anywhere your creativity leads you from an old bucket to a cranny in your rock garden. watch this video on youtube for some rock garden ideas

As with all fountains, cross winds will drive water away from the fountain causing water levels to drop. So ideally do not use in windy weather but if you do wish to use hydria we recommend using the Low Power setting and the cascade Head.

The pump is not frostproof so we recommend that the hydria is used indoors during the winter months. 

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