Eddie The Sipping Elephant


Introducing Eddie, the newest member of our Collectible Elephant family. Eddie is not your typical fountain head but rather a charming addition to your Hydria™ setup.

  • *Colour finish may vary from bronze to black


Key Features:

  • Ornamental Delight: Eddie is designed purely as an ornamental elephant figurine to complement Emm, the fountain elephant and your Hydria™ water feature.

  • Enhance Your Display: Place Eddie next to Emm, our Fountain Elephant, and watch as he sips water by Emm's side, adding a delightful touch to your setup.

  • Perfect for Any Setting: Eddie's versatile design makes him suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, allowing you to enjoy his presence wherever you prefer.

  • Weather-Resistant: Like all our Collectibles, Eddie is constructed to withstand frost and outdoor conditions, ensuring his lasting charm.

  • Effortless Integration: Eddie can be easily positioned beside Emm, enhancing the visual appeal of your Hydria™.

  • Secure Delivery: Eddie is shipped in a secure box, cushioned with eco-friendly wood wool to ensure a safe journey to your doorstep.

  • Collect Them All: Elevate your Hydria™ experience by collecting all our unique Collectible Elephants.

Order Eddie today to bring a unique dimension to your Hydria™ setup. Impress your guests with this charming companion to Emm, the Fountain Elephant.

Please note that the three members of the Elephant family, Emm, Eddie and Elma, are sold separately.