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Elephant Companion Set


Elma & Eddie Elephant Bundle - Perfect Companions to Emm the Elephant

Already enchanted by Emm the Elephant Fountain Head? Complete your collection with the delightful Elma and Eddie Elephant Bundle. This pair brings extra charm and cohesion to your Hydria™ water feature, all at a special bundled price.

Elma - The Climbing Elephant: Elma adds an element of adventure to your Hydria™ setup. Designed to appear as if she’s playfully climbing the edge of your water feature or planter, Elma introduces a whimsical dynamic that captures the imagination.

Eddie - The Sipping Elephant: Eddie complements the scene by sipping quietly from your water feature. Positioned alongside Emm, he enhances the tranquil atmosphere, making your Hydria™ arrangement a focal point of peace and playfulness.

Bundle Benefits:

  • Seamless Integration: Both Elma and Eddie are crafted to harmonize perfectly with Emm the Elephant, ensuring a unified and appealing display.
  • Indoor and Outdoor Compatibility: Like all Hydria™ companions, this duo is suitable for any setting, be it amid your garden’s greenery or enhancing an indoor space.
  • Durability Guaranteed: Built to endure diverse weather conditions, Elma and Eddie maintain their charm regardless of the elements.
  • Easy Setup: Installing Elma and Eddie is straightforward, with no complex tools required. Position them easily for an immediate uplift in aesthetic appeal.

Special Bundle Offer: Purchase Elma and Eddie together with a 15% discount off the total price.

Enhance your Hydria™ experience with Elma and Eddie, and let these playful elephants bring a smile to your face every day. Order now and transform your space with their endearing presence. Remember, this special offer is a perfect way to expand your collection while saving!