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Turtle Compaion Set


Tofu & Tonie Turtle Companion Bundle - Enhance Your Hydria™ Collection

Already adore Tobi the Turtle? Expand your collection with the charming Tofu and Tonie Turtle Companion Bundle. This trio of turtles adds serenity and delightful character to your Hydria™ water feature, perfect for those seeking to enrich their garden or indoor space with a touch of peaceful wildlife.

Tofu - The Sipping Turtle: Tofu gently sips by the water's edge, bringing a calm and meditative quality to your setup. His presence alongside Tobi creates a tranquil scene, ideal for soothing any environment.

Tonie - The Climbing Turtle: Tonie adds an element of whimsy as she appears to climb over the rim of your planter or water feature. Her adventurous spirit is sure to captivate and charm anyone who sees her, making your Hydria™ arrangement a topic of conversation.

Bundle Benefits:

  • Cohesive Aesthetic: Tofu and Tonie are designed to complement Tobi beautifully, creating a harmonious trio that enhances the aesthetic of any space.
  • Flexible for Any Setting: Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, these turtles adapt seamlessly to your preferred environment, whether it's a quiet corner of your living room or a vibrant part of your garden.
  • Durably Made: Constructed to endure various elements, the turtles maintain their beauty through different climates and seasons.
  • Easy to Incorporate: Integrating Tofu and Tonie into your existing Hydria™ setup is straightforward, with no complex installation needed. They’re ready to charm right out of the box.

Special Bundle Offer: Enjoy a 15% discount when purchasing the Tofu and Tonie bundle. This offer is perfect for expanding your collection and increasing the peaceful ambiance of your water features.

Bring the Tobi, Tofu, and Tonie Turtle trio into your life today and watch as they add a serene and whimsical touch to your Hydria™ setup. Order now to take advantage of this special bundle, and transform your space into a peaceful turtle haven!